UK National Reports and Indicators

Article 26 of the Convention on Biological Diversity requires all Parties to submit reports on the measures they have taken to implement the provisions of the Convention, including the effectiveness of such measures.

The Conference of the Parties have decided that Parties must report approximately every four years. The United Kingdom’s 6th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity is the UK's most recent report, submitted in 2019. The CBD secretariat has requested that Parties submit their 7th national report by early 2026. A searchable database of national reports to the CBD, along with reports on thematic areas, is provided on the CBD website. 

The UK also annually produces the UK Biodiversity Indicators. These provide a wealth of information on the state of biodiversity and pressures on biodiversity in the UK. These indicators enable the UK to track its progress on the conservation of national biodiversity, including progress towards international commitments such as the CBD. The indicators provide a useful assessment of the state of biodiversity in the UK between the production of a national report to the CBD approximately every four years. The UK Biodiversity Indicators are currently being reviewed and developed with the Global Biodiversity Framework (KMGBF) in mind. These will be used to report against KMGBF headline indicators in the UK’s forthcoming 7th National Report to the CBD (due 2026).