What is the CBD and a CHM

The Convention on Biological Diversity is a legally binding international agreement with three objectives:

  • ‘the conservation of biological diversity’.
  • ’the sustainable use of… [the] components [of biological diversity].
  • ‘the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the use of genetic resources’.

The CBD came into force in 1993 and, as of 2021, 196 nations are Parties to the Convention including the UK. The European Union is also independently a Party to the Convention making 196 Parties in total. Article 18.3 of the Convention’s text requires Parties to create a ‘clearing house mechanism’ to ‘promote and facilitate technical and scientific cooperation’ towards achieving the aims of the convention. In other words; all Parties are required to create a system which helps to easily exchange information on how they are implementing the CBD, including information which would enable others to learn from such an approach.

This website represents the UK's CBD Clearing House Mechanism. The UK CHM is part of a global network of CHMs.

Implementation of the CBD in the UK is undertaken by a variety of bodies of all four governments of the UK. The UK CHM does not detail their work on this website but, rather, signposts to where further information on this work can be found.

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