CBD implementation: Northern Ireland

Note: this page refers to activities specific to the implementation of the CBD in Northern Ireland. A separate page provides information on activities relevant to the implementation of the CBD across the UK, including those of relevance to Northern Ireland.

Relevant Government Bodies

Environmental issues, including biodiversity conservation and management, have broadly been devolved from the UK Government to the Northern Ireland Executive. Within the Northern Ireland Executive the following Executive and Public Bodies lead on the implementation of the CBD in Northern Ireland:

Relevant Government Policies

In 2021, the Northern Ireland Executive published its ‘Draft Environment Strategy for Northern Ireland’. This strategy sets out draft policies for how Northern Ireland plans to meet its international obligations and local targets to protect biodiversity. A final version of Northern Ireland’s Environment Strategy is currently under development and when published this will represent Northern Ireland’s first Environmental Improvement Plan. DAERA is the lead Department for ensuring implementation of the strategy. DAERA is also drafting a new Biodiversity Strategy, which will be referred to as the Nature Recovery Strategy and will closely align with the Global Biodiversity Framework, setting out the local targets and actions Northern Ireland can take to help deliver the CBD obligations.

In addition to the Northern Ireland Nature Recovery Strategy, the 'All-Ireland Pollinator Plan' has been developed by a 16-member steering group including DAERA and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

In addition to the Draft Environment Strategy for Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Executive has also published a number of more specific strategies which also contribute to the implementation of the CBD in Northern Ireland. These include:

A number of other enabling policies are also in development including an Ammonia strategy, Waste Management Strategy, Clean Air Strategy, Circular Economy Strategy, Marine Plan and Blue Carbon Action Plan, and the Future Agricultural Policy Framework. A Climate Action Plan will also be published every five years, as required by the Climate Change Act (Northern Ireland) 2022.


Additional information about biodiversity in Northern Ireland is also available from Biodiversity Northern Ireland

Annual reporting on the progress towards achieving the Environmental Improvement Plan is required by the Environment Act 2021, as it applies to Northern Ireland.