UK National Reports to the Convention for Biological Diversity

National Reports

Under Article 26 of the Convention, all contracting Parties are expected to submit national reports which provide information on measures taken for the implementation of the Convention and the effectiveness of these measures.


The most recent UK National Report, submitted in 2014, can be found here. Earlier national reports submitted to CBD, along with reports on thematic areas, previously requested by the Conference of the Parties, are available by searching on the CBD website.


UK Biodiversity Indicators

The UK has significant amounts of information about its biodiversity, collected across a broad spread of species and habitats by professionals, by expert amateurs and through citizen science.  This information provides an essential source of evidence for reporting biodiversity change and the impact of policies and actions to conserve biodiversity.


The UK biodiversity indicators have been developed to summarise and communicate broad trends in UK biodiversity. They also enable the UK to track progress with respect to international commitments, such as the Aichi targets.