Biodiversity Framework in Wales

In 2010, the Welsh Assembly Government launched a consultation: A living Wales – a new framework for our environment, our countryside and our seas. In response, the Welsh Government developed a 'Nature Recovery Plan for Wales - setting the course for 2020 and beyond'. This Plan is aimed at addressing the underlying causes of biodiversity loss in Wales by: putting nature at the heart of Welsh decision-making; increasing the resilience of the Welsh natural environment; and taking specific action for habitats and species. It sets out how Wales will deliver the commitments of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity to halt the decline in our biodiversity by 2020 and then reverse that decline.
A further outcome of this consultation was the establishment in 2013 of the a new public body Natural Resources Wales, which took on the functions previous undertaken by the Countryside Council for Wales, the Environment Agency Wales and the Forestry Commission Wales.
The Wales Biodiversity Partnership brings together key players from the public, private and voluntary sectors to promote and monitor biodiversity and ecosystem action in Wales.

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