UK Governance and Legislation

UK Governance Structure for Biodiversity

In May 2011, the UK Biodiversity Partnership Standing Committee agreed to revise the governance structure of the UK biodiversity partnership (as illustrated). The revised governance structure provides the opportunity to focus on substantive and policy-relevant issues common to all four countries of the UK, in order to fulfil more effectively the UK commitments made in 2010 at Nagoya during the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity.


UK Biodiversity Governance Structure 





















UK Biodiversity Related Legislation

Legislative instruments and regulatory frameworks are important tools both for the enforcement of legal provisions in support of conservation and sustainable development and for fostering and encouraging behaviour conducive to the objectives for the environment and sustainability.


Biodiversity in the UK is protected as a result of UK Legislation and European legislation, which aims to protect and conserve wildlife, their habitats and geology. Much of the legislation is found in the form of Acts, Directives, Orders and Regulations.